From Flabby to Lean and Fit

It has been kind of a long, frustrating journey for me as I’ve tried to improve my overall health. But in the end it has been rewarding and I’ll share with you some of the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

It all started with a girl (don’t most good stories start this way?). There was this really beautiful woman that started working at the same company where I’m employed. She had a gorgeous face and a body to match. Speaking of her body, I later learned that she was some kind of fitness competitor. Anyway, I developed a serious crush on her. But I didn’t feel like I was ready to ask her out–I figured she’d want a guy who was also into fitness and in good shape.

Seeing her all the time motivated me to get in shape. I’ve always wanted to have a good body but I just never really got focused enough to do it. But I started out making the mistake of ordering some “fat burner” pills. They didn’t really do anything for me except make me sweat and give me the jitters. After wasting time on these supplements for a few weeks I realized I needed to try a different approach.

I started training at a gym and I really liked the atmosphere there. But I noticed that the advice I got from people varied quite a bit in terms of how to properly eat and train. I did start to make a little progress (getting stronger, etc.) but I could tell I wasn’t really transforming as quickly as I wanted. I really wanted the whole package: muscular arms and shoulders, a flat stomach, athletic legs, etc. I didn’t want to waste my time just doing curls all day or trying to be a bodybuilder.gym-room-1180032_960_720

I started checking out some reviews on Adonis Ratio. This seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. It included both a complete workout program and a nutrition guide. Ordering this program really helped me to get on the right track and I finally saw the changes I wanted.


You’re probably wondering if I got the girl. Nope: she ended up moving to another state before I could ask her out. But I did get the motivation to make changes, and I’ve already started a relationship with another beautiful woman.